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TopTech Videos is a FREE alternative to Alldata, Mitchell1 or Mitchell OnDemand. It is a collection of automotive repair videos directly from YouTube mechanics and technicians who are more than willing to share their knowledge of repairing cars and trucks with you. We took the Top Techs of YouTube, separated their videos by make, model, and category, then made them available to you at NO COST! If you are a YouTuber, or know of one that supplies TOP NOTCH videos that help the DIY'er or mechanics in the field, then be sure to let us know, or tell them about TopTech Videos!

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AboutTopTech Videos is a division of Astral Auto Repairs, a mobile auto repair shop located in Rocky Mount, NC. After noticing many Do-It-Yourselfers and mechanics in the industry constantly search YouTube for the perfect video to help them repair their vehicle, only to find that the majority of them focused on repairing cars using equipment costing well over $5,000, and hardly EVER go into great detail. Maybe 1 out of 10 videos will explain how to repair the car or truck WITHOUT having expensive diagnostic equipment and will take that extra step and go into detail of the repair from A to Z.. So what we did was to take away all the frustration and provide a place where every video goes into excrutiating detail, and is geared towards the average mechanic or DIY'er! ALL videos are hosted by YouTube, so you have the safety and security of watching videos from a well trusted source. Thanks you for trusting in us and we will continue to bring you the most reliable, money saving, automotive repair videos in the world, right from YouTube.

Contact usAt TopTech Videos, we try to make your experience a very informative and pleasurable one. We go the extra mile to ensure you get high quality automotive repair videos that helps you fix that car or truck the very first time. We encourage you to send us suggestions, comments, and feedback so we can better suit your automotive video needs in the near and distant future. TopTech Videos is constantly changing to better serve the people who depend on this website, so adjustments will be made at any given time. If you need to contact us for any reason, feel free to drop us an email and someone in out TopTech Support Department will respond within 24 hours.

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